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Our Projects

2nd Avenue Wilding Project

This project is not just about wilding the space, but also celebrating its heritage. A life-size carved oak sculpture of a Highland soldier of Napoleonic times has been commissioned, together with information boards regarding Weeley's history, and also the flora and fauna found at the site.

(Some sponsordship and funding has been given to the project - we thank Rose Builders for £250, and the Parish Council for £500. An annoymous donor will be supplying the reiming shortfall.)

Queen's Corner

Now coming into its third year, the ad hoc planting that was done after the removal of all the dead shrubs and brambles, has also been removed.

Chairman Julia is undertaking a design for future planting at the site, to make the area at the back more horticultural, but also wildlife friendly, with colour throughout most of the year.

This is an exciting project and we would welcome support as we progress.

There are many strands to the work in which the volunteers of Weeley in Bloom get involved.


Bi-annual planting across the Village and Heath

Usually takes place in late May for Spring/Summer, then again in October for Autumn/Winter

Community Litter Picking -
Weeley Womblies

Why not join the monthly litter pick on the first Monday of every month. 10am start from your own door. Equipment can be provided.

Phone Mo on 01255 483789. Look out for special group picking sessions

Health & Safety leaflet

Work Parties

​Queen's Corner 10am every Friday and Reed Pond, Thorpe Road on the last Friday of every month. Also various other areas around the Village and Heath when needed, especially in areas when they become too overgrown.

Replanted tubs Feb 2023 b.jpg
Station Adopters

In our fourth year now, three of the team - Angela, Alan and Marie do regular weekly Monday morning tidy ups for a couple of hours at Weeley Station, litter picking, planting and watering sessions. They are accredited by the Community Rail Partnership.

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