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WiB Awards Ceremony 2023

RHS It's Your Neighbourhood Awards

IYN Lt Bentley Bluebells.JPG

Lt Bentley Bluebells

- Level 4

IYN New Beginnings.JPG

New Beginnings

- Level 4

IYN The Residents, Kate Daniels House.JPG

The Residents, Kate Daniels House

- Level 4

IYN St Andrew's C of E School.jpg

St Andrew's C of E School

- Level 5

IYN Second Avenue Project.JPG

Second Avenue Project

- Level 3

IYN Tendring Cubs.JPG

Tendring Cubs

- Level 2

IYN Weeley Station Adopters.JPG

Weeley Station Adopters

- Level 4

WiB Special Awards

WiB Special Awards Second Avenue Project.JPG

Second Avenue Project

Best Conservation/Biodiversity Project

WiB Special Awards - The Taylors.JPG

The Taylors

Best Floral display by an Individual or Community

WiB Special Awards - Weeley Bridge Holiday Park.JPG

Weeley Bridge Holiday Park

Best Industrial or Commercial Area

WiB Special Awards, Anglia in Bloom Nomination - Queen's Corner Project.JPG

Queen's Corner Project

Anglia in Bloom judges' Nomination

Best Community Project


WiB Special Awards - Anglia in Bloom Best Young People's Project (Under 12).JPG

St Andrew's C of E School

Voted by Anglia in Bloom judges -

Best Young People's Project (Under 12)

A big thank you to Pauline Schlamkow for making the Award banners for us, and to Barry Alexander for being our photographer for the evening.

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