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Policies available on request


(Ratified at the WiB AGM 18th September 2021)

Amendments ratified at the AGM on 30th September 2023


The organisation shall be called Weeley in Bloom (WiB) and will be a non-political organisation

The aims of the organisation will be to develop a sense of community and a pride in Weeley Village and Heath.

This will be done by:

  • Using volunteers from the residential and business communities together with local organisations to achieve a cleaner, greener environment.

  • Improving the environment by encouraging recycling, reducing litter, improving green spaces and ensuring sustainable practices to achieve a pleasant place to live.

Mode of Working will be:

  • Ensuring effective, good communication with all those who live and work within Weeley Village, Heath and near boundaries

  • Inviting local businesses to transform their frontages using hanging baskets, window boxes and planters filled with sustainable planting and bedding plants.

  • Building relationships with Weeley Parish Council, Tendring District Council, Essex County Council, St Andrew’s School and Greater Anglia.

  • WiB will work within all relevant legal regulations, including Health and Safety, Child Protection, Equal Opportunities and the Data Protection Act .



Weeley in Bloom comprises the whole community, anyone living or working within Weeley Village and Heath.


Honorary Officers

Members shall elect such officers as it may from time to time determine, but always including Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary and Treasurer. There will also be a President who will have the specific duty of chairing the AGM.

The Committee

The policy and general management of the affairs of the organisation shall be directed by a Committee which shall consist of three Honorary Officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) and at least three ordinary members.  The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and Committee members shall hold office for up to six years, submitting themselves annually for re-election at the AGM; and not be eligible to be re-nominated for any office for a year after standing down. To avoid ‘recruitment bunching’, the Chairman may propose to the AGM that the year when any particular Honorary Officer or Committee member is to be replaced be brought forward. The Committee shall have power to co-opt not more than three other persons – these shall not be able to hold honorary officer positions as they are unelected.  Once in each year in the month of September the Committee shall present to members an Annual Report of the Committee, the annual audited Statement of Accounts and the appointment of an Auditor. The Committee will also appoint a President, an honorary position which will be held by an individual for up to six years. They will uphold the ethos and values, and promote the aims of, WiB


‘Weeley in Bloom’ is a voluntary, non-profit making organisation and no member of the group shall stand to gain from any monies raised.

The funds of ‘Weeley in Bloom’ shall be deposited into the bank set up specifically for the organisation. All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by at least two elected officers. Debit cards can only be held by Honorary Officers. The accounts to be independently inspected and approved at the financial year end (end of August) each year.


Other Committees

The Committee shall have the power to appoint such sub-committees as it shall from time to time determine.


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the end of September. At least 21 days’ notice shall be given to the community by the Secretary. The election of the committee shall take place at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for officers and committee members must be submitted at least five days before the Annual General Meeting. Individuals nominated must have agreed to stand. The AGM shall be chaired by the President, until officers have been elected.


Voting at the Annual General and other Meetings

Anyone living or working within the Weeley Village and Heath will have a vote.


Special General Meeting

The Secretary shall, within 14 days of receiving a written request to do so by not less than 10 residents, call a Special General Meeting of the organisation. The agenda of any Special General Meeting shall be available to members not less than 14 days before the date of the meeting.



Decisions taken by the committee must be agreed by the majority of its members with not less than five members voting. The chairman shall have a casting vote.



Minutes shall be kept by the organisation, the Committee and all subcommittees.



If the Committee by a simple majority decides at a Special General Meeting that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the organisation, it shall seek the approval of a simple majority of those attending. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be applied towards charitable purposes for the benefit of the residents of Weeley.


Alterations to the Constitution

Any alterations to this Constitution shall require the approval of two thirds of the members attending an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting providing that the community has been given not less than 14 days notice in writing of the wording of the proposed alteration.

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